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36ft middle finger is how Milan occupies their Wall Street. This sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan has been said to be flipping off the Italian stock exchange (building behind) since 2010. Had to wonder though… to me the back of the hand is facing out and looks as though this gigantic hand is actually emerging from the stock exchange and actually giving us the finger!! 🤔 Oh modern Art ️ The artist call this L.O.V.E and said it was about imagination. I guess perception is your reality. #artlesson

Day 2 in Italy and I already have no neck. What is the Italian secret? They’re all so thin yet eat so much? How is this equation not working for me? 🤔

Ever want to stay in a zoo? With a Giant Panda? ok, so it’s not exactly in the zoo, but through this back hotel gate of @dasstue is the Berlin Zoo!!! You can even see an Ostrich in this pic. Crazy goodness. Check our my TripAdvisor for the review and more 📸

Happy Birthday to the man who makes me smile everyday, and is always up for anything- including an impromptu photo shoot at 2am in Berlin with a crocodile sculpture in the Hotel lobby after one too many German beers! Slide to see what an amazing sport #myhusband is! ️

That one time in London when I was wondering “why do they still have phone booths?” Realizing it’s just because they look cool. Don’t mess with tradition! #internalconversationswithanswers