Hello Fellow Sharers!

I’m so glad you’re here with me, joining the Rented Lifestyle community started by my good friend Christy Bamber. Let me tell you a little story that explains what this is all about.

Once upon a time, not that many years ago, a fashion-loving, arts obsessed, business owner from Canada moved to the U.S to marry her soulmate and live happily ever after. As she rode off into the sunset with her Prince Charming, she discovered a simpler way to live.

While choosing what to bring with her on this fairytale, she noticed how much of her wardrobe was un-worn and how much stuff she didn’t actually need. As she settled into her new life in Nashville (frequently visiting LA) this new wife and instant mother to three fabulous children, decided to look for a better way to own less and actually experience more.

Ownership seemed so outdated. Sharing the world’s resources (from homes and clothes to cars, jewelry...pretty much anything you can think of) gives us a flexible lifestyle, full of rich experiences and fabulous outfits! Over the next few years, Christy put her business degree to good use, tapping into the “share economy” and giving people the guide to experiencing more while owning less! Christy quickly discovered that this new way of sharing was not only better for the environment, but it could help save money without sacrificing the luxuries we all crave! A fairytale right?

Thus, Rented Lifestyle was born, with one simple goal: to build a peer-to-peer community where people could connect. No longer would we be a group of strangers renting things but we quickly became a bunch of friends sharing items and stories. By removing the stigma surrounding renting, Christy opens our eyes to the beauty, simplicity, flexibility and, yes, luxury of the Rented Lifestyle. All this while sharing her inspirations, aspirations, ideas, adventures and stories.

Fast forward to the present. She continues to travel the world and recently added the title of professionally trained stylist to her list of degrees. Christy realized she is uniquely qualified to guide people on the ins-and-outs of the share economy. Having gained expertise by researching and living the Rented Lifestyle, Christy has quickly became the expert on the Share Economy.

Following Rented Lifestyle on any of the social media platforms will only tell you a portion of the story. This website is designed so you can become part of our community, read original articles, find the sites Christy uses in her research and see many more pictures and videos.

Christy invites us to join her Rented Lifestyle so we can all ride off into the sunset enjoying more but owning less.



-- Joined Rented Lifestyle in 2015